Compare Our Checking Accounts

Jun 13, 2022


Welcome to Chicago Mortgage Funding's comprehensive guide on comparing our range of checking accounts. Whether you are a first-time account holder or a seasoned banking professional, we have the perfect account to meet your specific financial needs. Our checking accounts offer various benefits and features, ensuring you have full control of your funds and a hassle-free banking experience.

Your Financial Solution

At Chicago Mortgage Funding, we understand that every individual has unique financial goals. Therefore, we offer a range of checking accounts to cater to different requirements:

1. Basic Checking Account

The Basic Checking Account is designed for those who prioritize simplicity and minimal fees. With this account, you can enjoy unlimited transactions, access to online banking, and the convenience of a Visa debit card. It is an ideal choice for individuals who prefer straightforward banking without any unnecessary complexities.

2. Interest-Bearing Checking Account

If you want your money not just to be secure, but also to grow, our Interest-Bearing Checking Account is the perfect option. This account lets you earn competitive interest rates while retaining the flexibility to access your funds whenever you need them. Take advantage of the benefits of interest generation combined with the convenience of a checking account.

3. Premium Checking Account

For those seeking premium features and exceptional benefits, our Premium Checking Account is the ideal choice. This account offers a range of perks such as higher withdrawal limits, discounts on financial products, and access to exclusive banking services. With our Premium Checking Account, you can take your banking experience to the next level.

4. Student Checking Account

Designed specifically for students, our Student Checking Account offers flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. With minimal fees and no monthly maintenance charges, this account is perfect for students who are just starting to manage their finances. It also provides access to online banking, mobile banking, and special discounts designed to make banking easier and more affordable for students.

Choosing the Right Account

With multiple account options available, selecting the right checking account may seem challenging. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Financial Goals and Needs

Think about your financial goals and needs. Are you looking for a basic account to manage everyday expenses, or do you want to earn interest on your deposits? Identifying your financial objectives will help you choose the most suitable checking account.

2. Fees and Charges

Compare the fees and charges associated with each account. While some accounts may have a higher monthly maintenance fee, they often offer additional benefits that can outweigh the costs. Assess each account's fee structure to determine which aligns best with your financial circumstances.

3. Additional Services

Consider the additional services provided with each checking account. Evaluate features such as online banking, mobile banking, bill payment options, and ATM access. Select an account that offers the services you most frequently use to ensure a seamless banking experience.

4. Customer Support

Review the customer support options available. It is essential to have access to reliable customer service whenever you have questions or encounter any issues with your account. Choose a bank that provides excellent support through phone, email, or in-person assistance.


Chicago Mortgage Funding offers a diverse range of checking accounts tailored to meet your financial requirements. Whether you prefer simplicity, interest generation, premium features, or student-specific benefits, we have the perfect account for you. Take the time to compare our checking accounts and make an informed decision. Start your journey towards enhanced financial management with Chicago Mortgage Funding today!