Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA)

Jul 1, 2018
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What is Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA)?

Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA) is a unique financial tool designed for lawyers and law firms to handle client funds. It ensures that the interest generated from such funds is utilized to benefit the public, primarily through legal aid programs and other initiatives that aim to improve access to justice.

How Does IOLTA Work?

When a lawyer or law firm holds client funds, such as settlement proceeds or retainers, they are required to deposit them into a trust account. These trust accounts are separate from the personal or business accounts of the lawyer or firm. The interest earned from these trust accounts is then transferred to IOLTA programs, where it is pooled with the interest from other lawyers' accounts.

State bar associations or foundations typically oversee IOLTA programs and distribute the interest to eligible organizations that provide legal aid, support pro bono initiatives, and promote access to justice for low-income individuals and communities.

Guidelines for IOLTA Accounts

Each jurisdiction may have specific guidelines and requirements for setting up and maintaining IOLTA accounts. It is crucial for lawyers and law firms to be aware of these guidelines to ensure compliance. Here are some common guidelines:

Eligible Accounts

  • The account must be a properly labeled trust account with designated "Interest on Lawyers Trust Account" or "IOLTA" in the account title.
  • The account must comply with the jurisdiction's rules and regulations regarding the handling of client funds.

Interest Reporting

  • Interest earned on the trust account must be reported and remitted to the appropriate IOLTA program on a regular basis.
  • Procedures for calculating and reporting interest may vary among jurisdictions.

Record Keeping

It is essential to maintain accurate records of all transactions related to the IOLTA account. These records should include:

  • Client name
  • Amount of funds held
  • Date of deposit and withdrawal
  • Date and amount of interest earned and remitted

Benefits of IOLTA

IOLTA programs offer several advantages to both lawyers and the public:

Supporting Access to Justice

By participating in an IOLTA program, lawyers and law firms contribute to the promotion of equal access to justice for underserved individuals and communities. The interest generated from IOLTA accounts helps fund legal aid organizations and initiatives.

Ethical Compliance

Complying with IOLTA guidelines is a moral and ethical obligation for lawyers. By maintaining proper IOLTA accounts and reporting interest, lawyers uphold professional standards and demonstrate their commitment to serving the public interest.

Tax Deductions

In certain jurisdictions, lawyers may be eligible for tax deductions on fees related to IOLTA accounts. Consulting a tax professional or accountant can provide more information on potential tax benefits.

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